Water purification for a cottage, a house, an enterprise, a village

Unique installation for purifuing of artesian water Deferum-05

(eg: 0.5 m3/hr, till 10 m3/day, or 2.2 gpm, till 3,000 gpd) 

Physical effect: Dissolved gases (hydrogen sulphide, radon, methane, odor, free carbon dioxide) are removed from artesian water, so ion equilibrium is disturbed and calcium carbonate precipitates (freshly activated microcrystals are formed), and numerous pollutants are sorbed on them, which are then retained on a self-cleaning filter, with a floating filtering media  

ie part of the temporary hardness falls into microcrystals: Ca (HCO3)2 = CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O, which are retained in the Deferum-05 filter along with numerous impurities that adhere to microcrystals: iron, manganese, turbidity, color and others (in fact)

Deferum-05 cleans water in a cottage, in a hotel, in an apartment building, in a dormitory, in a settlement, in an enterprise, also at other owners of artesian wells, reliably and for a long time

Deferum-05, this is:

  • The alternative to water purification installations (with Grinsand, Birm, etc), proven from 2009
  • Installation for continuous or periodic cleaning of artesian water
  • A unique installation for non-reagent water purification, including with very high concentrations of iron (up to 50 ppm and more)
  • Serial installation from polypropylene (dimensions: 1,1x0,66 m. Height 1,5 m. Weight: 105 kg.)
  • Mobile installations, convenient for transportation: car, railway, container or airplane
  • There is always 300 liters inside the unit. purified water, for immediate consumption
  • Already purified water is repeatedly cleaned or refreshed, in automatic mode
  • Location of installation: at ground level, and also: above or below ground level
  • Power source: 220 V / 110 V, 50/60 Hz, or diesel generator. Specific consumption: 0,6 kW / m3 or 2.3 W/gl.
  • No need for consumables and spare parts, for the entire service life
  • Floating granular filter media for 15 years, without replacement
  • Flushing the Deferum-05: once every 2 to 4 weeks
  • Periodic actions of the installation owner: opened / closed the crane
  • Visual control of the owner: the green color of the indicator - everything is in order, red - call the service!
  • Service: from our local dealer and (or) the manufacturer's factory
  • Free consultations on smartphone, skype, e-mail

Happy buyer of Deferum 2.2 gpm (till 10 m3 per day)