Individual plants for the purification of natural water

Individual plants for the purification of natural water 

DEFERUM - hydro-automatic self-cleaning plant for water treatment of complex chemical composition; Contains: an aerator-degasifier and a self-cleaning floating filter for reagent free deironing and stabilization of artesian water 

Applicable for medium (up to 10 mg/l) or very high (up to 75 mg/l) iron concentration, color, turbidity, hydrogen sulfide, radon, carbon dioxide, odor, for very low pH and water temperature

DEMAGNUM is a hydroautomat filter (gravity flow)  ​​for cleaning or additional cleaning of water, with increased dirt capacity and in the absence of electricity 

It is used if there is additionally manganese (up to 1 mg/l) in underground water, as well as other contaminants

REMPLANT - a non-pressure plant for the purification of natural water from a variety of mineral and organic contaminants. These impurities accumulate inside the unit, so traditional discharge of flushing water into the sewer (or other place) is absent for several weeks

Note: These units function: without traditional flushing pumps, compressors, additional tanks

BIOREM - installation for complete biological treatment and post-treatment of water, with increased mud capacity

individual_installations_for_the_purification_of_natural_water02.jpgTotal consumed electric power, for supply of source water:

• DEFERUM - 0.19 kW/cubic meter.

• REMPLANT - 0,050 kW/cubic meter.

• BIOREM - selfsame

• DEMAGNUM - selfsame

Performance of one filter: from 12 to 1000 cubic meters per day or more

• installation of DEFERUM-500 cubic meters per day; for example, has dimensions: diameter - 2.4 m, height 2.5 m for premises or diameter 3.1 m. Height 2.5 m (this together with a tank of clean water and a self-cleaning filter system). Such an installation can be installed in a "clean field", without a building

• installations with a capacity of more than 1000 cubic meters per day are the supply of several filters or stationary construction from concrete

• The units operate in winter at temperatures up to -40°C, water do not freeze (with a constant flow of water). Ice here as a heat insulator!

Imagine a surface area of ​​12,000 square meters, obtained from 1 cubic meter. water. Such a mass transfer surface in our compact аэратор-degasifier

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