Washing-free filter

The REMPLANT for the Purification of Liquids
(The patent of United Kingdom and Ukraine)

Purification of liquids from high levels of insoluble admixtures (up to 500 mg/L) with zero backwash water discharge.

REMPLANT can be applied in the following processes:

  • Removal of iron from underground water
  • Removal of manganese from underground water
  • Nitrification and De-nitrification
  • Purification of water from organic and nitrogen- and phosphorus-containing substances
  • Purification of water from oil products, fats and greases.
  • Purification of water from suspended particles and turbidity
  • Purification of water from ions of heavy metals
  • Water softening
  • Any other technology of water purification where filtration is required.


  • Zero discharge of backwash water
  • Resulting compacted residue
  • Wide range of pH of feed liquids - from 0 to 14
  • The plant self-adjusts to changing contaminant loads
  • The plant has hydro-automatic backwash function - no operator's intervention
  • The same design principle is applied to plants with various capacities - from 4m3/day to 100,000 m3/day
  • Wide range of applications
  • Very inexpensive to produce - only a few kinds of materials are required
  • Very reliable and durable - no mechanical movements of plant structures
  • Very small size. The plants of up to 1,000 m3/day capacity have diameter of up to 3m and can be manufactured at a factory and transported to a client by one truck.
  • Plants of up to 1,000 m3/day capacity can be installed and commissioned within 3-8 days.

Additional information:

  • The plant has a cyclic operational mode.
  • The plant can operate either in pressure or pressure-free purification regime.
  • The plant can be manufactured from carbon steel, plastic or concrete.
  • The plant can be placed below ground level.


  • The REMPLANT is a largely advanced version of the existing Underground Water Treatment Plant (UWTP). The UWTP was also designed by Mr Alexandre Remizov.
  • The UWTP is currently produced in the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, USA, etc.