About us

We are the developers of technologies and equipment for purification of water

It means:

  • we create our technologies and equipment with understanding of your needs
  • we work on the technologies, precise and individual
  • we save time and money for our customer
  • we make the rational purifying of water with the least costs
  • we have an opportunity to reduce cost of our equipment and services

We solve:

  • complex technical and organizational problems, proceeding from your requests.

We offer:

  • the perspective inventions, know-how, engineering and knowledge for sale of the licenses or services
  • the qualified technical consultations
  • highly approved technical offers
  • production of utilities: in Russia , Ukraine , Australia , USA, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, etc; with the warranty and service

Can you earn commissions on sale of our utilities or receive profit?...

Your answer can be one of the following: