If you the Customer

Hence you already have:

  1. Technical problem 
  2. Desire to solve a problem
  3. The budget (for the equipment, technical consultations, or for the License)
  4. Acceptable terms of the treaty
  5. More bad alternatives

We suggest: 

  • Please, send us the filled up questionnaire
  • We shall send you the technical offer, recommendations and agreement draft
  • Supply of a pilot installation Deferum-05

The note: Such algorithm will considerably reduce time for negotiations

The formula for our negotiations:

(Reliability + Quality + Guarantees + Advantage + Trust + Choice) of Parties = Terms of the treaty = Money 

Economic indicators:
(for the different countries) 

The factory price (price formation):

C = 3.0(M); USD
С = M + (T · D); USD
M - cost of materials for manufacture of installation; USD
T - time of our work; days
D - cost of one day of our work (taxes, salary, profit); USD/day
The note:
For negotiations, there are some variants of a contractual price

The cost price of water: 

U = (E/Q) + [C/(Q · L)]; USD/m3 (if U < Ua)
E - total costs of the customer for of water treating; USD/year
Q - output; mper year
C - the contractual price; USD
L - amortization of installation; e.g 15 years
E/Q = usually till 0.010 USD/m3 (for non-chemical technology)

Ua - the known to the customer a competing (alternative) variant of water treating; USD/m3

For example, 

U = 0.01 + [22,000/(500x365x15)]=0.018 USD/m3

here, C/Q = 44 USD/(m3/day) for Deferum-500 m3/day 

  Hydroautomatic Deferum-500