Working with us

In order to accomplish our mission, we welcome any form of co-operation.

This page describes only some ways in which we are interested to work with you:

  • End user application
  • Licensing / Technology transfer
  • Brokerage
  • Intellectual Property Development
  • Business in the former USSR

End User Application

If you experience problems with your water supply or wastewater disposal, we would be glad to assist you in solving them.

Please provide a general description of the problem, flow rates, chemical analysis of feed water and requirements for treated water. If you are not sure what parameters to include in the initial request, we will guide you through the required steps.

Then, we will prepare for you a general proposal that would give you a clear idea of the offered solution and involved costs.

If you are just looking for advice or a second opinion, we would be happy to deliver you our judgement. Think of us as your "water doctor".

We undertake small to medium size projects relying on our own and customer's resources. Medium to large scale projects will be carried out in collaboration with qualified third parties, whereas we provide the technological solution.

Please contact us for further information.

Licensing / Technology Transfer

We are interested in the commercial exploitation of our technologies in other countries through licensing agreements. We have successful experience of such transactions in the USA, Belarus and Russia.

Our water treatment facilities are very easy to manufacture and install. No specialised skills or sophisticated manufacturing equipment are required.

It is an ideal opportunity for both new and established businesses. The required start-up capital and operational resources are minimal, and you can start making a profit immediately.

It is important that the potential licensee has the organisational structure, the operating skills, and dedication to efficiently commercialise and exploit technologies within their market.

Please contact us for further information.


Introducing innovative technologies is a rewarding business - both morally and financially. We are very interested to work with progressive, forward thinking companies and individuals who recognise the value of our products and technologies.

The brokers should be industry experts, have a good network of contacts in the industry and be able to create business opportunities.

Brokerage services may be applied in the arrangement of licensing agreements, joint ventures, joint research and development, joint intellectual property developments with qualified third parties or in the search for end-user application.

Please contact us for further information.

Intellectual Property Development

We view this sphere of co-operation in two perspectives: joint research and development and joint patenting in various countries of the world.

The primary purpose of the joint research and development is to investigate and demonstrate the potential commercial use of emerging technologies at an early stage. Our concepts and ideas can become fully-fledged technologies by building on the accessible worldwide science and technology base.

At the same time, we have some developed and proven generic technologies, which can apply to many environments or users. Their adaptation to specific applications also requires additional research and development.

We also support the concept of joint patenting, whereas interested parties can become sole or part owners of patent rights for our developments in a particular country.

Naturally, we apply for patents only in those countries, where we have commercial presence and can benefit from patent protection. However, our intellectual property can be successfully exploited in many other countries by local or international businesses. Typically, such businesses will acquire patent rights ownership in their prospective country/countries through assignment agreements under mutually agreed commercial conditions.

Please contact us for further information.

Acting as your stronghold in the former USSR

Opportunities for water treatment business are opening in the former Soviet Republics, and the scale of water problems demands an international effort to rectify the situation.

Our presence in the market, working experience and professional knowledge makes us a suitable partner for those who wish to undertake projects or develop business in the USA, Australia, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Please contact us for further information.