If you the Licensee

We suggest for the Licensees:

Please, inform us your offer and your expectations from contact with us 

Write to us the letter   

Sequence of negotiations:   
We wait from our talks:

1. The draft of the memorandum (Intentions of the Parties): 

  • theme of negotiations        
  • tasks for the decisions
  • the plan of joint actions
  • planned time of joint actions
  • expected results (planned or expected annual income?)

2. We shall give to you:

  • the contract about confidentiality
  • the technical and economic proposal
  • the draft of our license agreement or the contract

3. Conclusions of the Parties: the objective analysis and an estimation of business

4. Business meeting, acquaintance with batch production of the Licensor and with practical work of our water-purifying installations at our customers or at Licensees

5. Result of negotiations:

Expected result: mutually advantageous business, i.e

Economic indicators: here