Container Deferum

Container Configuration, DEFERUM Non-Chemical Water Purification Plant, for Purification of Artesian Water 

100 m3/day (100,000 Liters/day) till 1000 m3/day (1.0 Million Liters/day)


  • Reagent-free purification of artesian water for drinking and household use. 
  • (Iron removal, removal of iron, manganese, odor, color, turbidity and other contaminants).
  • Extra Options Available: Softener for artesian water (reduction of total water hardness)
  • To change the water treatment quality - have process recycles water, in order to change the properties of water to the required parameters, also for heating of ice water on a few degrees

Artesian Water Purification Technology: 

  • Borehole Well Pump - Aero-degasifier - Filtration/Treatment Process -  Filtrate Pure Water - Pump to Service 


Purpose of our Filters is to improve the water quality – in addition to filtration, our process recycles water, in order to change the properties of water to the required parameters, this process also increases temperature of ice water a few degrees

DEFERUM Container System Installation: 

  • Foundation for the container: reinforced concrete monolith, or on columns
  • Container Configuration is installed in by-pass configuration.
  • Feed pressure at the inlet of the installation: not less than 0.5 bar.
  • Pressure treated water for consumption (at design capacity): 4.0 bar
  • Flow of the back-wash water from the Deferum occurs under pressure of 1.0 bar.
  • The installation can be placed below ground level or at ground level.
  • Recommended frequency inspection and manual filter back-washing: 1 time per week or 1 time per month depending on raw water parameters.
  • Volume of back-wash water = volume of purified water in filtrate tank.
  • The volume of the tank for purified water = 1/3 hour of flow raw water.
  • Automatic control of raw water well pump (ON/ OFF.) is controlled by water pressure sensor on filtrate discharge pipe to distribution/service  (Sensor is set at 0.6 BAR  pressure drop to activate system water feed to service)
  • When the water flow volume consumption is variable therefore the consumption of electricity changes in proportion.
  • The total specific energy consumption = 0.58 kW / m3
  • Main materials for Plants: polypropylene and stainless steel 

Thermal insulation for use in harsh environments, for Far North and Hot Climates including:           

  • Natural or forced ventilation of the container is available
  • Heating: electric, plus the use of the heat source water

Required Power Supply: 

  • Transformer: 30 kW (380 V), for Deferum 1000 m3 / day
  • Transformer: 15 kW (380 V), for Deferum 500 m3 / day

System Control: Logic modules, with software controller provide automatic operation in the container "Deferum" System.  Customer manual provides instructions to monitor and/or change the setting operating parameters (if necessary, remote monitoring option is available for resetting the software control information by mobile phone/internet)

Connecting DEFERUM Container System:

 Customer to provide:

  • Raw water pipeline to inlet, outlet and back-wash connection for DEFERUM Container Configuration.
  • Electric power supply via transformer (alternating electric current) 

Additional equipment available, if required:

  • Disinfection of Purified Water
  • Hardness Removal
  • RO membrane for high TDS

Container Configuration System Capacity/Size:

  • Deferum 500 m3/day, it is a 20-foot container.
  • Deferum 1000 m3/day, it is a 40-foot container

We recommend that pilot installation Deferum-05 be performed prior to purchasing full scale DEFERUM Container Treatment Systems

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Pilot installation Deferum-05